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Collaboration: Tiles 50 x 50 Malaysia (2013)

August 2013

A creative collaboration with Niki Cheong who invited me to explore what Malaysia means to me under the theme of “Ownership”. This was also around the same time I was playing around with me ipad flipping images in bed and coming up with tiles! So I came up a series of tiles made of pictures I’ve taken around KL. This would would later trigger more & more tiles.


I draw upon nature as inspiration for my artwork. I love pattern and design. It comes out in my sketches and painting.
Technology has given me yet another tool to use to get my creative juices going – instagram and all its beautiful picture apps. I’ve invented a game for myself in which I try to turn any random picture I take into a new kind of art by using basic apps. I love it as its open me up as an artists and I am able to make art even when I’m not with my paints.

For 50 x 50, I’ve created some images based on random visuals I have taken either using the camera, phone or ipad. I took pictures of things I saw while driving through Kuala Lumpur, walking around the gardens or a day out in Brickfields. I took random pictures of flowers, leaves, sides of buildings, ceilings with no real composition. I then use these images and take them through several different apps to arrive to an re-worked image that I like. Its turned out to be a series I actually want to work on for my pattern project coming up soon. So yay!

Malaysia inspires me always with its color and sights. I want to show here through my visuals that you can OWN everyday things and make them about you and representative of you. You define your own vision.