Hello & Welcome!

My name is Marini aka NiniMarini. I am a maker; painter, fashion & lifestyle tinkerer, aspiring pattern designer. I have just over 20 years of work experience in broadcast media (content development, production (TV, Film, Digital), Animation (IP development), Film marketing & distribution).

This site however is dedicated to my artistic side and the various things I have done or am doing. I am interested in expanding my art self through collaboration and learning new techniques.

I believe in art education. I believe that #ImaginationisNecessary & that one should always practice their #ARTFORLIFE




I have always loved art and have been making things with my hands ever since I was a child. My mother was a university lecturer of Fashion, Textiles and Design for over 20 years. I was exposed to fibre arts at a very young age, in fact some of my earlier influences came from references in that field – decorative arts, Art Nouveau etc. I then studied Visual Communications in university, focusing on time-based media. I then developed my own interests in other areas like animation, video production & fashion illustration. This eventually led me to develop a professional career in content creation; something that still continues till today.

At the same time, I also practiced my art and I did this by creating illustrations for magazines and fashion brands during my spare time. I love fashion illustration and for a while worked mostly with watercolors, indian inks on paper. I would either do florals or portraits of women.

I later progressed to painting with acrylics on large canvasses. Nature inspires me always and I try to share “moments” of her energy as I experience life. Through the years I’ve developed a kind of style to my paintings –  linear, colorful, lively.

In 2012, I hosted my own first solo exhibition.  And then in 2016, my maiden show. It has been interesting balancing everything – work and art and my goal is to fully immerse myself in my art and to see what I can do when I spend more time developing it.







I’ve been working in the Malaysian content industry (television, video & film) for over 19 years. I never planned for this career to happen actually, nor did I think I would be in it for so long. I somehow thought I would be an animator or motion artist of some kind. It all started right after graduating in 2000 from the University of Central England, Birmingham. I returned home and got my first job as an assistant sport producer for a Malaysian free-to-air channel called TV3. At that time, my BA in Visual Communications was a little bit “too new”  and it was hard for people to figure what I could (concept creation) do. So I opted to start my career in media as an assistant sports producer, simply by virtue of-the-fact that I played a bit of golf! I never regretted this move because I learned so much during this period especially about mass market sports production and programming!

I later moved on to be a producer for a boutique production company called Fe2 Productions for 5 years. In 2005, TV3 called me back to head the production & content development department before I moving to Primeworks Studios in 2008 as Head of Content Development.

My final position at Primeworks Studios was as a General Manager for Innovation & Distribution. It was one of those crazy roles that was a mix of creative and revenue. It covered film marketing & distribution, Animation IP Acquisition & development, Marcom, International co-productions and Distribution, Content Innovation. After  years of that, I finally made the decision to switch lanes and in 2019, I JUMPED.

Today, my job is to pay attention to my art. My responsibility is in the development my creative self and to objective is to pursue cool things to work on. I will still involve myself in content creation and for this, I have set-up my own content design company called Serendipity-Asia. For the first time in a long time, I am not entirely clear of what’s ahead for me but, I am looking forward to the adventure. #imaginationisnecessary!


#ARTFORLIFE is an idea I live by.

I believe it all begins with having clarity of what your “art” is (that thing you can do for hours on end) and then practicing it ALWAYS. By paying attention to yourself this way, you will be happier & in turn attract positive vibes to yourself that would eventually lead you to places intended for you. A little bit fluffy here for some I know, but this website is proof enough that if your mind is right, everything can happen. Just leave it to the universe!

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”— Albert Einstein

Imagination is necessary