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Events: #artforlifepresents Hosting Neonsauce’s ‘Are We Lost? (2015)

A collaboration with actor Gavin Yap who curated his first exhibition under his brand Neonsauce at my studio.  I had so much fun on this project. Learned a lot about hosting, met a whole bunch of new people as well as some legendary Malaysian urban artists! LOVE!

Neonsauce’s first art show, ARE WE LOST – A Search For Malaysian Pop Culture, took place at Studio267 in August 2015 and brought together an eclectic group of some of the most exciting artists in the local Malaysian art scene today. Artists such as Lefty, Kenji Chai, Michael Chuah (C2V), Katun, Zamzami M. Zain and Sandra Khoo contributed artworks to the event, hosted by Nini Marini and was curated, of course, by actor/writer/director Gavin Yap.