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Mural: Primeworks Studios’ Painting Project (2015 & 2016)

I was asked to paint the office….So I turned it into a project and called it The Primeworks Studios Painting Project. My thanks to my Innovation and Digital team for helping me complete the project and much love to the rest of  the Primeworks Studios staff who came out to paint or help out. I loved sharing this side of me with the people I work with. Thanks also to friends from other divisions within the group who joined in the fun too. It was two days of painting at the office and we loved it!

The idea was to create a fun, vibrant space created by the citizens of PRIMEWORKS STUDIOS. It was done in 2 parts each, for 2 days at a time.

Part 1 : 2015

Part 2 : 2016

Done in conjunction with ‘Future Day’ which was a special event to engage the staff of Primeworks Studios and to celebrate our 8th year together. We painted the Bunker Room and the wall outside of it which is called the BOOM wall. Yes it’s all relativeeeee!