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Fashion: Marini #LabCoatSeries (2017)


I worked with my cousin and designer Izaudara Kamaruddin to create The Marini #labcoatseries. I love wearing overcoats (secretly would like to be a scientist or an inventor of some kind) and thought it would be fun to have them made in some of my art prints.

The collection is designed by Izadaura K, creative director for Marini and features my paintings translated onto fabric via sublimation printing on a mix satin & crepe fabric.We created three styles (SHORT, MEDIUM, LONG), each style in five different prints.150 pieces in total. Additionally we had two wraps in two prints.

We launched the series entirely online via  our @marinibyninimarini Instagram and Facebook accounts in September 2017 and in Feb 2018 we sold our last piece. Will I be repeating this? Yes, I would love to, but I need to expand my portfolio look for more manufacturing options and partners to work with. So hit me up if you think we should meet.