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I’m a CD cover for the Millenesia Project

June 2020, while during the COVID lockdown, I received a request from a friend, Keiko Bang to see if I could create an album cover for a K-POP PSA video she was producing to reach out to the young about COVID.. The song is called “Be The Future” and is performed by Dreamcatcher, AleXa and IN2IT.

I was thrilled to be asked and even more so that they ended up choosing one of my paintings as their cover!

The image they chose to license is of my latest paintings called ‘Essence’.

They loved it so much that the original has also been purchased by them! Super blessed to be part of this global project.

Official Music Video¬†Official MV | Millenasia Project ‘Be The Future’ (feat. Dreamcatcher, AleXa & IN2IT)

Thank you Millenesia Project!

May we all uplift each other during this very trying times.