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MURAL : Free-styling an ocean for PIK FILMS 2019

Every year since 2010, I start a new painting on New Year’s eve. This year was no exception however, instead of locking myself up in my own studio over the New Year, I did so in someone else’s office! Much love to Mee Fung, Chief of the PIK FILM tribe for giving me my first gig for 2019! It was such a fun project to do as the brief was literally to “go abstract, use our company colors if suitable and just flow”. Best kind of brief!

This would be my second office mural but my first attempt at free-styling an abstract. The office space was perfectly white and orderly and I wanted to add energy and a sense of movement to really reflect the wonderful female power of PIK FILMS.  Mee Fung loves the ocean so I knew I wanted to give her, her very own pretty ocean to look at. It took me 3 days to complete and I enjoyed every minute of it!

Size: 300 square feet.

Medium : Acrylics

For mural commission & quote please email: marini@ninimarini.com