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Collaboration: Video Art (2011)

A multiple discipline collaboration (Music + Make-up +Visuals Arts) between the wonderfully talented performance artist Arabyrd , visual artist sister Misdeeds and make-up artist genius Khir Khalid. We spent a day at my studio playing around to produce this very cool & colorful piece! It was so much fun!

Khir Khalid created three amazing looks for the video, Arafah gave us all kinds of feelings for the camera & my sister Didi lit, shot and edited everything. I had fun visualising this 10sec video which was shot in my studio using DIY techniques & a budget full of enthusiasm.



#NAKD (Nini-Arabyrd-Khir-Didi)

Artist: Arabyrd

Wardrobe & Accessories : Arabyrd

Music title: KEK performed by Arabyrd (H3 Black Magic Remix)

Video, graphics, edit: Misdeeds

Make-up concept : Khir Khalid

Art direction: Marini