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2019. I am the captain of my own ship and it is scaring the $#^ out of me.

I am writing this post having just “retired” from my occupation as a creative “suit” at a media conglomerate. I have decided to pursue my art self  and all the creative projects that go with it. It was a major life decision that required me to give up that comforting monthly pay check, that wonderful bad ass position as General Manager of INNOVATION & DISTRIBUTION just so my heart can feel brighter. It was an elaborate 1-year exit plan that took nearly two years to execute.

Finally, in late October of 2018, a new path formed before me. A path that I couldn’t see past one day, but a path nonetheless. It then became a question of now or never and to JUMP, (which I did obviously). When I think of my career journey, I recall Homer’s Odyssey which I read in high-school but only now (13 years later) can appreciate its metaphor on life; a journey riddled with obstacles before clarity. The last final moments in 2018 was hard for me, fearful thoughts came to mind,”Are you sure?” was a song on repeat.  I just had to counter it all mentally and remember that,

“Each man delights in the work that suits him best.”
Homer, The Odyssey


I am now writing plans and detailing out what I should focus on first. Everything is coming to me in bits and pieces, I am thankful that I like spreadsheets and mind maps! I will relish in this kind-of interim period where all I need to do is focus on my own projects. I am open to all things & people who come my way.


Lots of love,


26 Jan 2019