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Painting: Fendi’s Baguette – ‘Fluidity in Motion’ (2008)

I was invited to paint the FENDI baguette to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

For my Fendi bag, I wanted to do something that reflected me which is all about pattern, lines and color. To do this, I decided to work with two things that I always look to, for ideas and inspiration which are peacock feathers and butterfly wings. At the end of the day I wanted my bag to achieve the “oh why am I not surprised that, that came from you” effect.

I’ve never painted a bag before so designing for it proved to be a different experience. As I was twirling the Fendi bag around, familiarizing myself with my new “canvas”, I realized that I wanted others to also experience it in a similar manner. This was when I came up the 360º idea where the person looking at this bag would literally need to hold it and turn it around to experience the total piece; “fluidity and movement”