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Painting: Piaget (2010)

JUNE 2010

I was invited to contribute a painting to celebrate Piaget’s Possession in Malaysia.

Possessions’ Influence

I really just wanted to explore the possessions that have shaped my art. They’ve included a wide range of things that vary from books, pieces of textiles, organic things like ink marks and images collected through the years. To me, these visual references stored in my brain are my most treasured possessions, accessible to only me, they have become unconscious influences to me in everything I do, especially in the visual arts. Planted deep in my psyche, they recur in most of my work.

Some of the more prominent imageries in my memory of possessions are like peacocks feathers, butterfly wings, fish scales, fabric prints, antique jewelry given to me by my family; things I have collected through the years from different places and people. Using some of the main ones, I wanted to create fluid design on canvas of these “possessions” that have influence me and shaped some of the patterns in my artwork.

 Medium – Acrylic on canvas

June 2010