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Collaboration: Tiles ‘Straights Ahead’, a Baba Nonya themed exhibition (2014)
Participated in a group show curated by Niki Cheong called Straits Ahead (a Baba Nonya themed exhibition). I produced a collection of Baba Nonya  inspired tiles for the exhibition. Some of  which were made into tiles for the show. This actually started me off on my tiles collection. So thank you Niki Cheong for presenting me with this opportunity to develop my art! Collaborate to GROW.
“Straits Ahead” brings together numerous artists to play the role of explorers – which the ancestors of the current generations of Baba and Nyonyas essentially were – to imagine how these artifacts would look like in 2014.
The artist themselves represent various cultures and backgrounds, allowing them to disrupt the journey with little of no history of the Baba and Nyonya heritage, allowing them to cross into a different world to produce their creations.
Niki Cheong, who conceptualised the project, collaborates with a number of young Malaysian artists working with various media to reimagine these artifacts in the form of photos, videos and sound.