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Lifestyle: Tiles – Collection 1 (2014)

Collection 1 was released organically in November 2014. It features 36 square designs created based on various surface textures & nature I photographed during my creative walks specifically from Malaysia, South of France, Hong Kong and Japan.

It initially started as a game I would play of being able to create images out of the things I saw or experienced; my own “kaleidoscopes” of inspiration if you will!

I have adapted Collection 1 into ceramic tiles and coasters. Both created using sublimation printing which means images have been transferred using high heat onto specially treated surfaces. Loose tiles are meant to be used for decorative purposes while the coasters are pretty straight forward in terms of use.

I am super happy with the results and have been overwhelmed with the support or friends and family who have used them in their homes. I hope they give you just as much joy as I had making them!

Lots of love, Nini